Bi-Weekly Roundup: March 23, 2012

Inside our Chapter
  • Looking ahead, GlobeMed at Rutgers will be hosting a table on Rutgers Day, April 28, from 10 AM to 4 PM! In addition, we have a number of events still in the works, such as our basketball "shoot for a cause" event and hopefully, a bubble tea sale.
Within the Network
  • Although we celebrated World Day of Social Justice in February, you can still check out the numerous "teach-ins" from GlobeMed chapters across the country. Here's what professors had to say.
On the World Wide Web
  • "America is Stealing the World's Doctors" - An article by Matt McAllester examining the disparities between healthcare around the world and the ethical debate on doctors migrating from poor countries to richer ones. Also includes a link to an interesting pdf article from the British medical journal, The Lancet, titled "Should Active Recruitment of Health Workers From Sub-Saharan Africa Be Viewed as a Crime?"

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