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Executive Board

Sai Khisty, External Co-President
Double Major: Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Public Health, Class of 2014
Minor: Psychology
Hobbies/Interests: reading anything and everything, classical Indian music, experimental cooking + eating, finger painting, traveling

“‘Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.’ -Saint Augustine. If we fail to see each other as equals in the process of aid, we will kill all hope for legitimate progress for global health equity and instead create chaos by perpetuating more stigma, discordance and poverty. I joined GlobeMed because I connect with this organizations unique method of approaching global health equity - through partnership, not charity. As global citizens, we have an obligation to listen to, learn from, and educate each other in regards of progressive thinking if we even want to dream about a world not plagued by disparity.

What I hope to pursue in the future is a position as an activist, not speaking for others, but lending an ear and a microphone to those who need their voices heard and their presence acknowledged. I want to work with both victims and bystanders of unjust, corrupt, and inefficient health systems to create key structural and implementation changes. Adequate, accessible, and affordable health services should be a global right, not a regional privilege. And if we take even one step back and scrutinize our own hand in enabling disparity (even as bright-eyed youths who just want to "make the world a better place"), we will go ten steps forward in crystallizing practical and just solutions.”

Kevin Riehl, Internal Co-President
Majors: Economics/Political Science, Class of 2014
Hobbies/Interests: spending time with friends, researching and reading about current events in the world 

"I fight for global health equity because I believe that I have had an extremely fortunate life, and I do not think that it is fair when so many people have not. I have always had interest in what happens beyond my boundaries of vision and believe it is a human responsibility to understand the world around us. Unfortunately, understanding the world around you leads to a realization that earth is not the glorious place that so many people think it is. I sparked interest in GlobeMed due to the immense involvement and interactivity that it has with its partners, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this organization. I believe that the best way to better yourself is through trying and succeeding in enhancing the lives and knowledge of other people: this is what I want to pursue in my future, and this is why I am a part of GlobeMed."

Justin Deguzman, ghU Coordinator
Major: Pharmacy, Class of 2017
Hobbies/Interests: tennis, martial arts, history, cinema, guitar, singing, discovering music

“I joined GlobeMed in the movement towards global health equity because I knew I would have a whole new vision from which to consider myself, the community, the nation, and the world. It is my belief that our current generation has a responsibility to shift healthcare towards a better and more equitable state, whether on local or global levels. By exposing ourselves to the issues, by working hand-in-hand with globemeders and our global partners, and by discussing the health-related problems that span across the globe, we can expand our visions on human rights, ethics, healthcare, public health, and health equity. We can take what we've learned from GlobeMed and change the way we practice our careers or professions in the future. It is my hope that I continue growing in the GlobeMed model and mold my future practices as a pharmacist to one that considers and cares for those in need in the communities I serve.”

Sarah Mae Rogado, Director of Communications – Marketing
Major: Pharmacy, Class of 2017
Hobbies/Interests: fashion photography/styling, conducting lab research, playing the piano, singing

“As a future healthcare provider, I believe that no one should be denied access to basic healthcare despite his or her circumstances. Health is a basic human right and a change needs to be made in order to achieve global health equity.  I think one of the best ways to create change is by gathering a group of passionate people who will work in cooperation toward a common goal.  For this reason, I strongly identify with the GlobeMed mission. I feel honored to be working with this organization that has shown me the impact students can make and given me a better understanding of what global health and social justice really is. Healthcare affects all of us and it is up to us to find solutions to move toward global health equity.”

Major: Public Health, Certificate in Public Health Education
Hobbies/Interests: classical and jazz flute performance, community service, research

“Since early childhood, I have been faced with challenging health issues. Although my situation was not one to envy, I always remained optimistic that the next doctor’s appointment or medical test would result in a diagnosis, treatment, and maybe even a cure. I knew I had access to some of the best medical care available and for that I was—and am—grateful and hopeful.  During these years, I began to realize that not all people have access to quality healthcare and, therefore, no hope of treatment or cure. Health is a basic human right, a concept that inspired me to join the movement for global health equity and social justice through my involvement in GlobeMed.  I believe in GlobeMed’s mission of building partnerships with grassroots organizations to enable the sustainability of health programs and to maximize the capacity of the community. My work in these areas will continue in my career and will be facilitated by additional education in medicine and public health.  Ultimately, I am aiming to help stigmatized communities reduce pediatric HIV/AIDS by improving access to healthcare services through grassroots organizations and health diplomacy.”

Jackie Beltejar, Co-Campaign Coordinator
Major: Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Class of 2014
Minor: Public Health
Hobbies/Interests: traveling the world, working out, spending time with family and close friends

"In a world so large and full of confusion, people feel helpless in striving for change and making the slightest of difference as just a small speck on this planet. We, the youth of such a powerful nation, have the capabilities and resources to give back to our world that is suffering around us. The problem of global health equity is continuing to plague a substantial population in multiple countries around the world. GlobeMed is the channel where we as college students can foster the confidence and passion in committing ourselves to a movement for a better world. With the knowledge and partnership we gain from this organization, we transform ourselves into individuals that believe there are no boundaries to what we can accomplish.

It is inspiration and addicting to be part of GlobeMed. I am entirely grateful to have a talented group of individuals supporting me at Rutgers University as we collaborate with our partnership organization in Cambodia. Health is a basic human right and we strive every day to make that true for everyone else in the world - one community at a time."

Megan Fiasconaro, Co-Campaign Coordinator
Double Major: Exercise Science, Sociology, Class of 2014
Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, running, hiking, music

"It’s strange to remember my college life before I joined GlobeMed. This organization has helped me develop as a person in so many ways- in both how I perceive myself and the world around me. I believe it is the focus placed on genuine human connection that has made GlobeMed have such an impact. Not only do I feel part of a close-knit group in a very large university, but I have also learned much about communities halfway across the world. To be able to build relationships with people of a different place is truly a wonderful experience. But more importantly, it is the impact of those relationships that make GlobeMed so successful. To engage such motivated people, and to give them the resources to connect and build upon that passion, can only result in producing something positive. Never have I felt so inspired being surrounded by such a great group of individuals, and I am so excited to see how GlobeMed grows in the future to combat global health and social inequalities."

Thobekile Ndlovu, External Community Building
Major: Public Health, Class of 2015
Minor: Biology
Interests: laughing, eating, learning, reading, talking and traveling

“From a very young age, I have always been interested in international work. However, I always assumed that aid and charity were the optimal ways to make a difference. It was not until I joined GlobeMed, that I witnessed the power of partnership and the success of sustainability. Through this organization, I have seen how the efforts of teamwork and collaboration can improve the lives of individuals thousands of miles away. I am passionate about GlobeMed because I am inspired by its unique message and the fact that it allows me to think about a mission that is so much bigger than myself. Even if it is only for a few hours a week, our meetings allow me to focus on issues that are more important than the daily hassles college students often become consumed with. The lessons I have learned in GlobeMed will stay with me for the rest of my academic career and guide me through my professional life. GlobeMed has transformed my perspective on health and social justice and has made me proud to be a part of such an influential movement.”

William J. Owen, Internal Community Building
Major: Exercise Science, Class of 2014
Minor: Geography
Hobbies/Interests: traveling, weightlifting, fishing, water activities, tailgating, spending time with family and friends.

“GlobeMed's mission to build a movement for global health equity and social justice is something that struck a chord within me when I first joined. I just didn't realize I would be a part of an organization that I would enjoy so much, with some of the greatest people to be found at Rutgers University.”

Karen Lin, GROW Coordinator
Major: Biological Sciences, Class of 2014
Minor: Economics
Hobbies/Interests: reading, playing the piano, ancient history, traveling, learning new things

"Fighting for global health equity is very important to me since I believe that making the world a better place mainly starts with changing the way people have access to healthcare, and that’s one of the reasons I chose to join GlobeMed. I joined GlobeMed because I believed that its mission of changing global health equity for the better through partnership was the most effective. One day, I hope to become a doctor and use my skills to help those in need locally and globally, while fighting for the idea that everyone deserves the right of access to healthcare no matter what their circumstances are."

Gabriela Slomicz, Partner Liaison
Major: Public Health, Class of 2014
Minor: Biological Sciences
Hobbies/Interests: traveling, service work, veganism, Alternative Breaks, bike riding, laying in parks, spending time with the wonderful people in my life, food

"I care about GlobeMed, because I care about global health, because I care about people. A close-knit but extensive network maintained in order to push a movement for health is exactly what I want to be a part of. "

Staff Members

Jennifer Alegun, Dan Torres, Shourie Jonna, Isaac Song, Yash Tiwari, Nick Fuzer, Ray Ramones, 
Krut Patel, Daryl Chen, Kevin Xie, Jake Ohring
Dan Ilg, Chelsea Gohd, Eitan Sufian, Julia Akselrud, Maheen Javaid, Samantha Ouellette
Laura An, Joanna Dominguez, Merry Reatz, Max Leader, Khermesh Badushov, Christna Lee
Sin Hae Kang, Megha Patel, Aasim Chaudhry, Graciela Cando, Indira Malladi, Asha Kapengut, Rachel Cusumano

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