Bi-Weekly Chapter Roundup: October 17, 2013

              On September 29th, the new year for GlobeMed was kicked off with an informative and awesome staff retreat. The staff members met at Voorhees Mall and did a couple of icebreakers. We started off with a game of “I like GlobeMedders who…”, after which we split into mini-circles to meet new people. After the icebreakers, we began to discuss the business aspect of GlobeMed. The staff members did a post-it activity to explore some of the major themes of global health. One topic was to discuss the biggest issue of global health and the concern of clean water was a very popular answer. The other two topics were “Why partnership?” and “Why students?" where all the members exchanged their ideas concerning these topics. After this open forum activity, we moved on to develop our individual approaches regarding the question “What is GlobeMed?” This was necessary in order to prepare us for the inevitable moment when a peer asks us about what we do, because oftentimes the mission statement of GlobeMed is lost in its keywords and tag lines. Everyone split off into small groups, led by an e-board member, who really helped the rest of us develop our answers to that question. 
             Moreover, recently, GlobeMed threw a successful bake sale with a slight twist. It had an autumn theme with fall treats such as apple cider and pumpkin-flavored cookies. The upcoming major campaigns for our chapter are Chords for Change and Global Getdown. Chords for Change is a benefit concert from which all the money will go to our partner in Cambodia: CSSD. Global Getdown is a team-based event which looks to show both the diversity and unity of the Rutgers community through cultural exchange. We are very much looking forward to these campaigns and hope to give everyone else more of an idea of the amazing things GlobeMed is up to at Rutgers, and around the country!

Written by Krut Patel

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