GlobeMed Gala: A Night to Remember

    The 4th annual GlobeMed at Rutgers Gala took place on Saturday, April 18th at the Zimmerli Art Museum and was nothing short of spectacular. From the location to the elegantly dressed guests, one couldn’t help but notice the gatsbyesque theme. The night began with a cocktail reception followed by the welcome address from the 2014-2015 co-presidents, Madison Little and Thobekile Ndlovu. Throughout the evening, guests and members were ravished by the well-put together event and the mission of GlobeMed to strengthen the movement for global health equity. 

      Most important, they were captivated by the keynote speaker, Dr. Guillermo Herrera-Taracena and the message from our partner organization, “Change A Life Uganda” (CALU). Dr. Guillermo Herrera-Taracena, highlighted his work as a clinical leader in respiratory infections and effortlessly tied the mission of GlobeMed into his speech. Jean Semler, co-founder and president of CALU, gave the audience a glimpse of the mission of CALU and the importance of the relationship between GlobeMed at Rutgers and CALU.

    Khermesh Badushov, a two-year member of GlobeMed, one of the campaign coordinators, and a graduating senior reflected on the event saying:

Every Gala,we have inspiring and enlightening speakers who come from all over the world to speak about their experience in global health.  This year we had the pleasure of having Dr. Guillermo Herrera-Taracena, a world renowned Epidemiologist who worked on the Ebola crisis and Jean Semler, founder of Change a Life Uganda Foundation and philanthropist, as speakers for this year’s benefit dinner. The gala is not only our last major event of the year but an imperative time to reflect on the past year and our hard work; whether our reflections are about awareness campaigns, small campaigns, ghU sessions or friendships created we will all cherish our time together. I am forever grateful to be apart of this team and GM family

Indira Malladi, Jackie Beltejar, & Khermesh Badushov posing for the camera 

     Deep Vakil, a first year GlobeMed member said:

Upon entering the Zimmerli Museum, I was welcomed with warm smiles and informed about the activities for gala. Everyone I met that night was both very friendly and knowledgeable about various aspects not only in global health but also many other fields that have an impact on our and the lives of others. Along with that, it was quite refreshing to get a fine wine and dine experience after eating dining hall food daily. I even bought a handmade purse made by women from our partner organization. The best thing was the juxtaposition of the gala which promoted global health equity and inspired so many that were there and the art all around us. Together, it had a very empowering impact. It would galvanize anyone to take action and support GlobeMed.”

Kevin Xie & Deep Vakil posing for the camera

     The night ended with a heartfelt goodbye to current GlobeMed seniors and closing remarks by the 2015-2016 co-presidents, Kevin Xie and Indira Malladi.

Written by, Jennifer Alegun 

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