Attention All!

So as all of you may know, GlobeMed at Rutgers University is a relatively new chapter, having been founded close to 3 months ago. Since our inception, our E-Board has kept in close contact with each other, discussing anything and everything, ranging from making sure we understand what GlobeMed is truly about to coming up with some awesome plans for the coming semester. Now, that semester is here and it's time for us to put our ideas into action, starting with our GlobeMed Staff Members!

Tomorrow we'll be having our first Interest Meeting at 9:30 PM in Scott Hall, Room 119 (1/31/12). For all of you who would love to get involved with GlobeMed, here's the perfect time for you to get to know more about GlobeMed, our mission, our partnership with CSSD, and how you'll fit in perfectly in our GlobeMed family! If for some reason you can't make the meeting, just email us at to get more info about how you can get involved.

So come on out tomorrow night (most classes are over by then, so no excuses!) and get to know us! We can turn this semester into a great one, and change global health equity one step at a time.

With much GlobeMed love,

Karen Lin

**PS, did anyone happen to come to our bake sale last Monday?? We had a lot of fun making those goodies (brownies, cupcakes, yum!), and we hope you really enjoyed those! Hopefully, we'll be able to get some pics up =)***

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