GROW Team 2013: Meet Gabby

Welcome back everyone!

We hope everyone had a great winter break, and if you were able to, attended the Interest Meeting or Staff Meeting yesterday! Applications will be available soon to apply to be a staff member for this spring semester. Current staff members do not need to go through the application process again. 

While we're excited about the many campaigns we'll be holding this semester, what better way to start off the year than to learn more about your 2013 GROW Team??

Gabby Slomicz
GROW Coordinator
Year of graduation: 2014
Public Health major, Biological Sciences minor
Also vice president of the Rutgers University Vegetarian Society and and Alternative Break Site Leader.
When not studying or being involved with GlobeMed or my other organizations, I like to take walks, spend time with my friends, read, and go to on-campus events.
Hidden talents: I played viola for 7 years, I’m great at dancing awkwardly, and I can recite the seven deadly sins really fast.

If you haven't checked out the official GROW Blog for 2013, head over to the link at the top of the page!

- Karen Lin, Director of Communications

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