GROW Team 2013: Meet Jackie

Here's a little bio about another GROW Team member, Jackie Beltejar:

Year of graduation: 2014
Major – Cell Biology and Neuroscience; Minor – Public Health
Organizations you are involved in: GlobeMed; Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority
At school, I enjoy working out and jogging around campus. It helps to relieve stresses from school and organizations i am part of. Also, i dedicate a lot of my time (outside GlobeMed) to my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, and my wonderful sisters. Much like my GlobeMed family, I also consider all of them my family who truly have a place in my heart.
I am super excited to learn about the Cambodian culture through the people we will meet. Of course I look forward to working with them and assisting them as much as possible along side my GROW team, however i am excited to see what i can learn from them as well. I would like to spend time with the members of CSSD in Phnom Penh and get to know them outside of GlobeMed, in efforts to understand them and their culture better. I find it truly enriching to unite two difference worlds and see what each can give to one another.
I don’t have many special talents, although i do love to snowboard and attempt to try tricks on the terrain park! So far I’ve had 1 surgery for a shoulder injury i got while snowboarding but my passion for snowboarding and learning new tricks will always push me to continue snowboarding!
A New Year’s resolution: Find a better balance between school and friends/family.
I am excited to get to know my fellow GROW team member a lot more during this trip. We are all fairly different individuals who each contribute to a great dynamic! Our affinity for each other is very compelling and intriguing – I’m anxious to see what we can all build together!
Stay tuned the next few days to learn more about the GROW Team,

- Karen, Director of Communications

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