GlobeMed Hallowareness!

GlobeMed at Rutgers University commenced the semester with an awareness campaign, “He For She”, which was an enormous success. The remarkable outcome of the aforementioned campaign provided a pedestal for the success of our most recent awareness campaign, “Hallowareness”, on October 31st. The goal of “Hallowareness” was to raise awareness within the Rutgers community about sexual assault and alcohol consumption on college campuses.  Sexual assault is the second most committed crime on college campuses, and it has been shown that drugs and alcohol are often used by perpetrators to incapacitate victims. In early October, the state of California signed into law a new bill, “Yes Means Yes”, which redefines the meaning of the word “consent”. The bill further aims to reduce the number of sexual assault cases on college campuses throughout the United States.

Members of GlobeMed stood in front of the Brower steps on College Ave encouraging students and faculty to engage in a safe Halloween. Participants had the opportunity to try on alcohol goggles and were challenged to walk a straight line, outlined on the ground. Once they completed the task, red SOLO cups which contained candy and information about alcohol education and sexual abuse prevention were distributed. Also, partakers pledged to stay safe on Halloween by signing their names on a chalkboard. Check out the link below to view the vivid campaign pictures!

Jennifer Alegun

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