Spreading the Love All Around!

For many people, Valentine’s Day (as should any day), is a holiday where it is custom to send cards, chocolates, flowers and other gifts to their significant other in order to show how much they love them. It can be a time when new relationships are on the horizon or current relationships start a new chapter. As with previous Spread the Love events, GlobeMed at Rutgers University continued the tradition of selling custom-made cards and chocolate-filled candy bags last Thursday(2/12) and last Friday (2/13). Amongst the traditional items was an unfamiliar item: hand-crafted bracelets from our new partner in Uganda.
As mentioned above, we are currently partnered with Change A Life Uganda (CALU). CALU is an organization that works with children through education, health, and microfinance (specifically for the parents of CALU children). Throughout the two-day event, numerous students and staff stopped by our table interested in the mission of GlobeMed at Rutgers. Most, if not all of the custom-made cards and chocolate filled-candy bags were sold. Those who purchased bracelets were able to hear how they were impacting the lives of the children of CALU and their mothers.  All proceeds from our event will go towards CALU and the mothers of students who hand-crafted the bracelets.  
Not only did the success of Spread the Love reaffirm the love many have for their loved one, it confirmed that many students and staff saw the importance of education and health for the children of Uganda. GlobeMed at Rutgers plans to apply the same momentum from the Spread the Love event towards the rest of our events for the semester which include: Social Justice Day, Global Health Week, Dodgeball Fundraiser, and the ActiveU Gala.

GlobeMed members spreading the love 

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by Jennifer Alegun, Staff Member 

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