Spreading the Love!

In a holiday full of Hallmark greeting cards, corny romantic word play, and grandeur of affectionate gestures, Valentine's Day is the one day of the year where people are given a reason (and hopefully not an obligation) to show how much they care and love their significant other. Even though signs of affection should always be shown daily, Valentine's Day gives people the opportunity to go above and beyond and outdo themselves when it comes to their loved one. For others, Valentine's Day allows men and women to have a chance to express how they feel romantically towards the person they’ve been crushing on. But on this universal romantic holiday full of flattering clich├ęs, not everybody is given the same kind of love around the world.
With this idea in mind, GlobeMed at Rutgers University wanted to host an event on Valentine’s Day that would help us channel all this romantic energy and “spread the love” to our partner located in Phnom, Penh, Cambodia: Cooperation for Social Services and Development (CSSD). CSSD is an organization that fights for the health and human rights of marginalized, at-risk communities in the capital. Through our event, Spread the Love, we're selling custom-made cards and candy bag treats that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. All proceeds will go towards CSSD to bring a HIV/AIDS Prevention Program to Phnom Penh to help female entertainment workers in Cambodia who know no other way to survive except to sell themselves.
This Monday (2/13) and Tuesday (2/14), come out to show your support and get that special someone a Valentine’s Day gift that will not only mean something special to them but also to a woman in Cambodia.

With GlobeMed Love, 

Andre Laguerta 
Co-Director of Communications 

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