"Student Organization Spreads Love Globally Through Cards"

by Trang Nguyen, Staff Member

"This project that we’re funding for is going to serve as a psychological support system for these women. We want to create a support system where the women can find strength from each other and become empowered to stay mentally healthy.” - Selena Suhail-Sindhu, Co-President

Members of GlobeMed at Rutgers University sell Valentine’s Day cards and candy to raise funds as part of their three-day “Spread the Love” campaign. Proceeds will be donated to aid women in Cambodia. Courtesy of Andre Laguerta.

Did you hear the news? GlobeMed was covered by none other than the Daily Targum! Our Spread the Love campaign caught the eyes of many students and even caught the attention of the University's paper. The campaign was lovingly featured in the Valentine's day issue of the paper and explained who we were and the reason behind our 3-day Spread the Love campaign. Both co-presidents, Selena and Becky, explained our efforts of helping the women entertainment workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They eloquently informed the press that through our partnership with grassroots organization CSSD, the funds raised will be used to educate the female entertainment workers about safe sex practices and provide them a support system so that they can become more healthy both physically and mentally.

It is absolutely amazing how awesome the cards turned out and its popularity with everyone.  This event has gotten us closer to our monetary goal this semester and informed the Rutgers community about our efforts with global health equity.  This campaign is a fantastic start to a semester of even more wonderful campaigns. Let's keep up the good work and spread the love!


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