GROW Team 2013: Meet Nabgha

Meet Nabgha Farhat, a GROW Team member and our Director of Finances:

Maqbool's 40th 010
My year of graduation: 2013
My major: Cell Biology and Neuroscience
My minors: Spanish and Mathematics
Organizations that I’m involved in: GlobeMed, AED, Undergraduate Research Assistant at the WM Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience
New Year’s resolution: To push time and use every day of my last semester meaningfully.
What I like to do at school when I’m not studying/GlobeMedding: I enjoy reading, crafts, and being with close friends.
One thing I am excited for about GROW: Mutual learning experiences between the GROW team and CSSD staff!
Follow the GROW Trip this summer by clicking the "GROW Trip 2013" link up top, or by going to

- Karen, Director of Communications

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