World Day of Social Justice

February 20th is marked as World Day of Social Justice by the United Nations. The GlobeMed network celebrates this day every year by posing a question or a fill in the blank response to the campus and stimulating conversation about social justice. When do we normally take out the time to consider these things?

To celebrate WDSJ, GlobeMed at Rutgers University stirred conversation amongst the college community by posing the simple question, “Privilege = ?” A few GlobeMed members stood on College Ave. and discussed this question with passing-by students and faculty. Numerous students answered and GlobeMed members captured a picture with their responses. Such an effortless question, and yet, it ignited conversation about injustice people see in different place. However, if considered on an extended scale, imagine the thoughts and conversations that had sparked across different campuses through out the country—just based on these questions. Singular thoughts can turn into power action when we take a chance to reflect.
So, what does Privilege mean to you? Check out some of the answers we got!
Happy World Day of Social Justice!

See what the rest of the GlobeMed network had to say here.

Written by Nirali Dave

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