International Women's Day: Celebrating the Movement Towards Women's Equality

This past Friday, people all around the world commemorated International Women's Day!

Starting as early as the early 1900s, International Women's Day has become one in which women can celebrate their achievements as well as take part in an international movement toward women’s equality.
Social injustice among women still exists and so the fight continues on. However, in this millennium alone, there has been a significant advancement and shift towards women’s equality and rights, and their achievements in fields ranging from politics to social action is what we come together to celebrate each year on March 8.
During IWD 2013, thousands of events, from political rallies to theatric performances, were held all over the world to commemorate advancements made by women as well as take action for equality among men and women. Check out these links below celebrating this year’s IWD:

For more information about International Women's Day, visit their website. 

Written by Sarah Rogado

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  1. Year after year, March 8 unwaveringly marks International Women’s Day, which is commemorated globally for more than a hundred years now. And while the original focus of the celebration was a movement towards gender equality and international women’s suffrage, it has since evolved to become more than that.

    It has become a day to celebrate women – their achievements and successes – as well as bring awareness to the progressions they’ve managed to accomplish thus far.

    Yet, I can’t help but wonder about the significance of this day – whether it even deems any significance at all – especially for Pashtun women living back home, within Pakistan and/or Afghanistan.